The road to fame for an introvert.

The thing right now is over-exposure. We can see what we want from anyone, anytime, anywhere. In so many ways that’s cool. But it’s also a drag because there’s no mystery. I never knew how cool it was to run into someone and genuinely be happy to see them. I never knew how cool it was to call family or to be around them face to face to learn about what’s happening in their lives through a personal conversation, even if that conversation wasn’t between just the two of us.

I struggle a lot with what I want to share, what I need to share, and what I want and need to keep private. My truest nature is to be Continue reading “The road to fame for an introvert.”


Here is the artwork & the characters from my new album “The Revolution.” They were designed by Tavius Elder & I. If you look at the previous post, you will see that my show at Yoshi’s was based on these characters. I can’t wait to share this album with you!

1. Déjà B. | 2. Honey B. | 3. Lieutenant B. | 4. Classic B.

photo 1photo 4photo 2photo 3