The road to fame for an introvert.

The thing right now is over-exposure. We can see what we want from anyone, anytime, anywhere. In so many ways that’s cool. But it’s also a drag because there’s no mystery. I never knew how cool it was to run into someone and genuinely be happy to see them. I never knew how cool it was to call family or to be around them face to face to learn about what’s happening in their lives through a personal conversation, even if that conversation wasn’t between just the two of us.

I struggle a lot with what I want to share, what I need to share, and what I want and need to keep private. My truest nature is to be Continue reading “The road to fame for an introvert.”


Here is the artwork & the characters from my new album “The Revolution.” They were designed by Tavius Elder & I. If you look at the previous post, you will see that my show at Yoshi’s was based on these characters. I can’t wait to share this album with you!

1. Déjà B. | 2. Honey B. | 3. Lieutenant B. | 4. Classic B.

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NEW Clips & Flicks

#SlimThick from #TheSultryMovement. On iTunes.

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#KissinU | #TheSultryMovement. On iTunes.

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B U T • I • K N O W I love you. ❤️ Still #trynabeyourfavoritesinger🎤

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S L O W • L O V E melodies. Still #trynabeyourfavoritesinger🎤

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Deja Bryson Interview with The Richmond Standard


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Original Interview:

What got you into singing?

My mother is a huge music lover. She used to work for the UC Berkeley Jazz Festival. She was responsible for assisting artists during the event. One particular show, she met the great guitarist George Benson. They became really great friends. She was introduced to Peabo Bryson through Mr. Benson. Consequently, she met Peabo’s brother, Charles Bryson, who at the time was a songwriter, backing vocalist and drummer for Peabo. Eventually, my mother and Charles Bryson were Continue reading “Deja Bryson Interview with The Richmond Standard”