I have a very special idea called “The Streets is A&R-ing this!” I’m going to select a few people to preview #LoveSounds song, photo’s, artwork & video before the November 13th release date. These people will be able to decide if they like the project or not & write an honest review on their thoughts from the perspective of a normal person & not a “critic”. No matter how nice or unkind the review is, it will be posted to my website. If you’d like to participate in this very special campaign, here are the details below.

1. In order to comment on http://www.iloveyoudeja.com, you must be following the page. There is a “follow” button at the bottom of the site.

2. You must send an email to iloveyoudejab@gmail.com with your contact information/email address to receive instructions on how to participate & to receive the pre-release material.

3. You must agree to keep all contents of those emails regarding Deja Bryson & The “Love Sounds” project confidential.

4. The deadline to participate is Sunday November 11, 2012.


One thought on ““THE STREETS IS A&R-ING THIS!” -Jay-Z

  1. Dave Criss

    Got a chance to watch the new video for Love Sounds and it is amazing to see the growth from Deja past and present. The song is simpleand it justmakes youfeelright when you hear it. my opinion she’s got a hit on her hands. Sky’s the limit yall gotta hear this one.

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