Gold or Glitter?

The longer I create art, the more I live, I find that deep within, before all of the glitter, I am humanitarian. I love people, I love love. I love the evolution of positive things, the growth of a person or an independent business or talent, and I’m always excited by people who do what they want and live on their own terms while still managing to show love and keep from losing their “gold.” 

Right now, I’m pissed at our generation! And by generation, I don’t mean youth alone. This generation includes everyone. Everything is backwards & upside down in just about every aspect. The part that makes me upset is that it’s self destructive. Our attitude is very ME, MYSELF & I oriented. The problem with this mentality is that when we only enjoy ourselves, and our greediness takes precedence over our desire to be in harmony with the world, we eventually tear everything to pieces.

Take for instance the NBA. Right now, there’s no such thing as teams. Players that have been a core part of our favorite teams for years, that worked specifically well under those circumstances, are now being traded more frequently than ever to other teams in an attempt to build a super team that can make more money & win more championships. Obviously, Pro ball is a business, and the objective is to make money. And also, players have always been traded. But at what cost?  I’ve never seen so many changes out of pure greed in this capacity, this often, mid season, and in an attempt to skip one of the most important steps in basketball (and life ) which is to EARN our right to win fair & square and to never trade that in for money. As a result, these big teams with the all-star rosters aren’t meshing so well together, and the small teams with fewer star players, who work together as a unit, seem to be more successful. It’s hard to watch the jumble & slowly but surely, I’m losing interest in the sport (NBA specifically) as a whole.

The same thing applies to the music industry, the television industry, movie industry, fashion industry, politics, religion etc. The talent, authenticity & hard work, which is essentially the gold, the thing that carries the weight, has been traded in for the trendy, glittery copycat version that lacks all possible substance. It’s all ended up as one sloppy blur. There is no desire to create a niche or a cult-like following that ensures people/fans one specific reliable thing. And it’s ruining our culture because so many of us are caught up in everything trying to find just one thing that will make us happy. What will inspire us to keep fighting? What is our purpose in life?  Since all we’re looking at is glitter, we start to lose hope in ourselves and others and focus only on living it up and fulfilling our selfish greedy desires because nothing else makes sense. This is the biggest fallacy.

What we find once we lose all the bullshit, is that it’s nice to have glitter. Popularity, the accumulation of material things, big businesses, fame etc are all things that are enjoyable in balance. But when those things become more important than our desire to EARN our way and to actually be good at something, and to care that what we do every day, whether good or bad, has an effect on everyone else, we cheat ourselves of the peace & happiness we crave.

The things that bring real, ever lasting joy begin within. First, with loving ourselves & others equally. Second, enjoying the simplicities of life; family, friends, prayer, meditation, food, beautiful places etc. Third, finding the specific things unique to our characters & experiences that make us happy, (which is almost always some form of helping others) and doing those things without fear. Fourth, being who we really are & understanding that we’ll never know everything, which is why our minds & hearts must remain open to the concern & care for other people. This is the other side of our culture that’s missing. This side is very important for us to learn & practice.

When we think about or morals & our desires of acquisition, the question we have to ask is are they balanced? Are the things we wish to have and do, going to contribute to the world’s obsession with self, or bring us closer to our purpose of coming together to make balance? Is it that we believe in the glitter or do we really wanna earn the gold?



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