Everything? or Something?

Deja Bryson Just A WomanWhy are we so obsessed with being everything at once, instead of being the thing that comes most natural to us and our passions? I’ve asked myself this question many times, Deja, why isn’t it good enough to just be you?

We are constantly being fed this ideal that our opinions must meet a status quo. Our passions must mirror those around us, and if someone can excel at something, we can too. The last statement is both true and false. True in the sense that we can be inspired by others. False in the sense that everyone can do everything that someone else can do in the way they’ve already done it or are doing it.

There is a such thing called niche. I’m working tirelessly to embrace mine. I believe it’s something that must be maintained for a lifetime. It takes a lot to discover what it is, but even harder at times to remain true to it.

Food poses a great analogy for our niches. If I want Thai food, I want to go to an authentic Thai restaurant that specializes in making authentic Thai food. I probably wouldn’t go to a cheeseburger joint and order Thai. Occasionally, there are restaurants that offer a wide variety of different kinds of foods. Then there are those restaurants that have every kind of food and every variation of that food is authentic and delicious. The moral of the story is that there are specific places designated for our specific likes and desires. Some of these places offer variety and other places provide a specific thing.

People are the same way. Some people are meant to appeal to varieties. Some people are meant to be a chameleon to the world and identify with or appeal to everything. And then there are others who are good at specific things that cater to specific people, passions and desires.

I do not believe one is better than the other. However, I think that we have been taught that we are not good enough, gifted enough, or talented enough if we don’t have EVERYONE’S interest. I once read a quote that said, “If everyone were a millionaire, who would deliver the mail?” Now while that quote is lagging in so many ways, the point I drew from it is that everyone has a role to play in the world.

We are passionate about certain things. Opinionated about the world. We have feelings that were intended to carry us to our divine purpose but we have watered them down to be accepted by the same people who need our help.

My voice teacher told me 15 years ago, “When you notice that something needs to be done, it’s your job to do it.” This reminds me that our passions are here to remind us of our life mission. It’s our responsibility to live them out whether it’s accepted by the entire world or caters to a specific audience. Everyone can not be everything. Someone has to be something.

I believe that people who embrace their gifts go places they could’ve never imagined. The important thing has always been that we stay true to what’s unique about us. We have to stay true to what’s special about our life and story. This becomes the foundation for our evolution into divine fulfillment.

My whole development has been stifled numerous times from trying to blend in, trying to be everything, trying to do everything, trying to be liked by everyone, trying to be admired for every ounce of talent I thought I had. I recognized that this was a vicious circle for me and something I had and still have to work very hard to stay away from.

There’s a place for me & a place for you. Everyone doesn’t want the same thing. People, just like you & I, enjoy their options. We create somewhat of a state of inertia and make everything one-dimensional when we get swallowed up by our ego’s and our desires to copycat others. It’s all of our jobs to give people options by being different. Diversity makes the world go around, this is the means by which we evolve and develop and it’s okay if our individual passions don’t create an outlet that appeals to all 6 billion people on the planet. It’s okay if it does.

My message here is to encourage individuality. With being true to our passions comes a wave of love that I believe will carry us to the places we need to go. Everyone has a gift, a message, a story, a contribution to the world. Some of us are destined to be everything, and some of us are meant to be something. 😉



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