Books: TV for Geniuses (Updated)

books tv for geniuses Deja + Bryson

I’m currently reading two books. 1.) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho & 2.) The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder, C.N.

So far, I’ve read half way through The Beauty Detox Solution and the information she’s providing includes tips on how to pair foods for optimal digestion, which foods free up the most energy for optimal body performance, and which foods slow us down and age us.

Some points I’d like to share, which of course can be challenged:

  • Start each morning with hot water with a fresh lemon.
  • Follow this hot lemon water with either fresh fruit or a home-made smoothie of green leafy vegetables and fruit.
  • Eat a salad or raw green vegetables before all meals to create an alkaline ph in the body which is the best ph for optimal digestion.
  • Eat the heaviest meal of the day for dinner, as large meals consume our energy throughout the day.
  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach.
  • Do NOT pair proteins (mainly meats including beef, poultry and fish or seafood) with starches (bread, potatoes, rice ect.)

I have been taking on a bit of a pescetarian diet limiting my dairy intake and upping my green vegetable and fruit consumption and I must admit, I’ve been feeling AMAZING as well as having loads of energy throughout the day!

I’ve only made it through the first few pages of the Alchemist, but I’ll be sure to post what I learn as I read more!

Are you reading anything interesting or informative? Please share in the comments below!

** 01/19/2014** (Update)

I finished reading The Beauty Detox Solution and I wanted to write somewhat of a review.

First things first, this book was not entirely enjoyable. On her behalf, when I’m presented with information so strong that I feel compelled to change who I am and give up old habits, there is always a battle. At times, I felt like the information was rigid like I have to give up everything. And to a degree, for the healthiest lifestyle, there IS plenty to give up. Midway through the book I got stubborn, and I was like “Man eff this book.” But I couldn’t ignore the facts about body pH, the chemicals and antibiotics in our food, the difficulty in digestion and more important than all that information, it was true that I get super tired after eating and lack energy during the day and I know I need to make some changes.

So I continued to read the book and I’m glad I did. Now the author IS definitely advertising the benefits of a vegetarian and or vegan lifestyle. And this made me very uncomfortable because I don’t necessarily want to do that yet, if ever. But to be honest, throughout the book, she acknowledges that everyone has to find their own rhythm with their diet and she encourages flexibility and transitioning. There’s plenty of support to simply make improvements on your health and eating without losing everything you love.

So I’m going to try out a few aspects of her advice, not all, but below are the things I will (and have been) implement into my diet:

  • Starting the day off with warm water and the juice from half of a fresh lemon.
  • Following that with (purified) water.
  • Eating either fresh fruit or a smoothie of fresh fruit and vegetables for breakfast/quinoa or millet bread with organic butter.
  • Having salads before lunch (or for lunch) and dinner to create an alkaline pH
  • Eating meals from light to heavy (salad, vegetables, meat)
  • Avoiding pairing proteins with starches (No more meat and potatoes)
  • Pairing starches with other starches or vegetables.
  • Eating fruit only on an empty stomach or with vegetables.
  • Drinking water between meals and not entirely during them.
  • Saving the meal with meat or the heaviest meal in general for dinner.
  • Limiting dairy intake (Sorry, I’m not giving up butter, although I don’t mind switching to organic)

I have decided after reading this book (something I’ve been thinking about for about a year now) to become a Pescetarian. Which means I will not consume land animals. My sources of meat will be fish and seafood.

I’ve been following this diet for a week. (It’s actually not too far from what I was eating, it was just the frequency and the order) I made it work around what I’m not willing to give up and what I am, and I’ve had great results although I don’t think I’ll reap the full benefits until I make it a regular part of my lifestyle for at least a few weeks.

I do recommend this book, HOWEVER, I also recommend that the person keep in mind that food is something to be enjoyed and that in moderation I think we can have what we want. The 80/20 rule is definitely a mirror of my own belief that M-F should be a diet full of leafy green vegetables, fruits, grains and water. That meat should be eaten only once a day, and maybe not even every day, so that when we want a slice of cake or a glass of champagne, it’s a special occasion and not the other way around. Share your thoughts below! 😉


2 thoughts on “Books: TV for Geniuses (Updated)

  1. Kemet King

    Wow… this is amazing information. I’m in the process of changing my diet but that last bulletin hit me hard lol That’s how I usually combine foods lol

    • iloveyoudeja

      Her explanation in the book, is that our bodies can only digest one concentrated food at a time (concentrated meaning non-water based foods) so we should pair our proteins with vegetables. For instance, if we were going to have a juicy steak, instead of eating it with mashed potatoes or rice, we should instead start off the meal with a leafy salad, then have steamed non-starchy vegetables with the steak. She says when we pair two concentrated foods at once, our body digests one at a time, while the heat of our body temperature rots the remaining food waiting to be digested and this process of digesting the two sucks up all of our energy causing fatigue as well as gas and other discomfort. Also, the meat (and anything that rots in our bodies) causes an acidic residue which raises our body’s pH and enough of that causes a host of problems with bacteria and yeast and has recently been discovered as the root of all disease. 😉

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