Cliché. Cliché. Cliché.


It’s not normal at 10:00pm on Valentine’s Day that instead of being on some romantic getaway posting pics of it on Instagram or tweeting how much the person I love, loves me back, that I am instead on my blog writing about  my feelings of how cliché we are and how the way we showcase our feelings is stale.

You never heard this come from a woman’s mouth (in my case, it’s coming from my keyboard) but VALENTINE’S DAY is overrated and the behavior we perform annually in the name of love, misses the mark. It doesn’t stop there. The same applies to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Marriages, Relationship Titles and all things similar.

The idea is to celebrate love and life in each of these special events or holidays. However, what we end up doing is either competing for social acceptance, spending way too much money, making our self expression stock and boring, being greedy, being ungrateful or boastful.

What makes life are the sweet moments. The special moments between you and the special people. When you don’t have to ask. When you don’t have to show everyone. When it’s not on a specific day that imposes a set of behaviors on the entire world. When you are genuinely surprised. When someone gives you their time. When someone nourishes your spirit & soul. These things are the things that make life worth living. These are the things to celebrate.


To be simple, the world does not decide when and when it is not the time to celebrate romance. This does not mean that people should not celebrate their love on Valentines Day. But HOW our love is celebrated is a mirror of our intentions. To receive flowers and chocolate feels amazing. Trust me, I’m a woman and I love to be adored. But, when everyone is getting the same $20 box of See’s candy and the same Safeway flowers, it’s not so special. It’s more robotic than it is romantic.

Amidst that, if you’re a single woman without a date or that bouquet to Instagram, people mock you and make fun of you as if you’ve lost out on this big great thing. Unfortunately, people get depressed and feel lonely and pitiful and it’s all really quite dubious in the first place.


The relationship is more important than the following:

  1. Wedding
  2. Wedding Dress
  3. Engagement Ring
  4. Proposal
  5. Wedding Ring

Most of us want the fairytale wedding. Thats fine with me. But first make sure the relationship is good. By the way, you don’t have to get married. You don’t have to have a traditional wedding. These are all extra. These are all optional. It’s your life. You can make the rules.


What’s important to know is that we can and we WILL (eventually) lose everything we love. Either from death or old age. Nothing is secure. Not good health. Not marriage. Not success. Not fame. Nothing. Everything is always fluxing between present and gone. In our day to day, we forget that we are in a sense, disposable. We can die at any moment. Get dumped at any moment. Get fired at any moment. Security in many ways, is a myth. So when our ego gets a hold, we start to believe that our status in a relationship or really our status in anything is finite. That’s the curse of living. Complacency. And holidays encourage us on the surface to dig deeper, but generally it turns into a Keeping up with the Jones’ contest. That’s not pure. That’s not special. That’s not fun.


Cliché is not living in the moment. Cliché is keeping us from it. So it’s in my heart to announce that we should all create our own holiday’s. Our own sacred things to celebrate. We have the opportunity everyday to appreciate the beautiful moments and make our own traditions that are rooted in something unique to us. We have the opportunity to take the beauty of our real lives and find a way to homage the highlights in a way that is inimitable.

Live for today. In this moment. Skip the cliché cookie cutter route. Blessings to all. Tell me if you agree or disagree or drop a comment to share your thoughts below:


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