Gold in Garbage

I read a quote earlier this week that said “Giving up on your dreams because of a minor set-back, is like slashing your other 3 tires just because you got 1 flat.”

Encouragement lifts our spirits and positivity is magnetic. So I wanted to share a quick thought of mine. I got a new camera and have been snapping away, finding beauty in things that have always intrigued me but that I have generally ignored. Lately, I’ve been really drawn to dilapidated buildings, cars, landscapes etc. And I’ve been trying to figure out why. I always think of using these locations to put a glammed version of myself in front of them, and it makes me feel complete. Today, I gave it some thought and realized I relate to those broken buildings and I relate to the glamorous image I seek to put in front of them. Sometimes we all feel broken down. And ugly. And like we are spinning our wheels and everything is falling apart. Our hearts have been broken and our dreams may not have been realized yet in the ways we hoped. I started thinking that if success builds confidence and self-worth, then failure brings the opposite and when we see ourselves as broken down, we feel like we aren’t worthy of the dreams we love to dream.

This feeling is wrong though. Of all the times our hearts are broken, we can’t stop believing in love. And when the love we wanted all along comes, we will see how all those failures chiseled us for the right time. All our failed attempts teach us the things that don’t work. All the time wasted teaches us that time is of the essence. All the pain we feel, all the hurt we go through is also the reason why we have character and knowledge and we’ve earned our worthiness through these experiences that will stand as the most valid form of qualification life can give us.

The old beat up buildings and cars and landscapes represent that pain and emptiness living gives us. And I enjoy capturing it because I find it to be beautiful that I can still see the beauty in it. I seek to place myself in front of it because overcoming the worst times is what makes me, me. And from all my dilapidated and broken down moments, came strength and faith.

When we desire to uplift the world with our gifts and to be creative and unique, and we are willing to work hard to use what we have been given as it was intended, we are worthy of our dreams. We can allow ourselves to declare out loud what we hope for and to do all that is required to make it true.

So the next time you see an eye sore, think of it as a reminder of your life diploma & qualification of worthiness. In a way, it’s there to remind you that some of the best things can be extracted from some of the ugliest of things.

Here are a few of the photos! Share your comments below:


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