Like me?

I met God.

I met God II.

Tell me, are you like me?
Do you see beyond the conventional perception of God?
Are you fascinated by the universe without always trying to explain its mysteries?
Do you see all people, rich, poor, celebrity, athlete, any & all as one and as diverse and unique, worthy of love and freedom but not worthy of idol worship?
Are you not defined by designer labels and things, but moreso by your experiences and management of them?
Do you see “profanity” as part of overall self-expression and not as “cursed words”?
Do you still believe in love?
Are you unafraid to express yourself? Including your sensuality, fears? Hopes? Dreams? Failures? Successes?
Isn’t success matching your personality with your soul and expressing it as well as living comfortably from that expression?
Have you forgiven your parents for their faults and take full accountability for your own choices and behavior?
Is it most important to your health to eat well and remain positive?
Isn’t love the absence of judgement and fear?
Can religion divide us instead of joining us?
Isn’t reading one of the most excellent ways to stimulate your mind?
What is sex without love? Women especially, do you know it’s rare that you’ll ever arrive without it?
Isn’t travel one of the best forms of education?
Haven’t holidays lost their sacredness and become more smoke & mirrors & money?
Aren’t the things that are confusing in politics, that way by design?
Do you believe that the world was designed to support and embrace all cultures, all sexual preferences, all religious faiths, and all of our differences?
Are you like me?

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