Days in the life!

I might curse you out. I’m not a Christian.
Middle fingers in the air when my point is missin’.
But I love all first, that’s the only mission.
And I ain’t atheist, so I know i’ll be forgiven.

I might enjoy a joint, but I ain’t a stoner.
And I might come there alone, but I ain’t a loner.
I’m probably one of the biggest love donors.
Even when the world treat me like they don’t want her.

Music all about emotion so I’m learning not to hide.
I’m learning love is the potion so I’m letting go of pride.
Real love is letting go of all the things I think are mine.
And letting those I love say no, when yes is only good for I.

Lessons come in bullets, only pain can make you grow.
Because innocence is curious and we all wanna know.
All the misery and broken dreams are only here for show.
You will keep repeating moments until you learn to let them go.

And everybody cries, that don’t make you crazy.
Some days you need to just do nothing, that don’t make you lazy.
Beneath the clouds and mystery when everything is hazy.
Comes clarity and peace within, love stares at you gazing.

Everything you do.
Please be certain its true.
Don’t be afraid of blue.
Blue is what makes you, you.

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