6 Steps Of My Natural Hair Regimen + My Street-walk Catwalk

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I’m sporting a twist-out with my natural hair. Here’s my current regimen for those who’d like to know:

1. I detangle my hair (while it’s dry) with a large tooth comb and put it into 4 sections (two in the front, two in the back.) I loosely twist each section once it’s detangled.

2. Then, to cleanse my hair,  I use Alba Botanica shampoo & conditioner. The shampoo is called “Gloss Boss-Honey Dew.” The conditioner is called “Body Builder-Mango.” (They both smell delicious. This is the most important thing about shampoo to me besides the ingredients.)

3. I finish that all up with Trader Joe’s Nourishing Spa Conditioner. (This is $3 and works better than any other conditioner I’ve ever tried in my life. And it’s got great ingredients.)

4. Then, I section my hair (while its wet, using hair clamps) into 4 parts (two in the front, 2 in the back) and cover each part in Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In-Conditioner. (This is the best leave-in-conditioner I’ve ever used and its $6. PLUS it smells great!)

5. I detangle again (This time, I usually use a Denman Brush to ensure I didn’t miss any knots. I’ve broken many blowdryer combs in my day & this avoids that 100%) and pat dry with a t-shirt or soft towel and then clamp each section back up. Starting with one section, I divide it into two, blow dry both of the two parts of that one section, and clamp it back up (Usually in a large, loose twist.) I do that with each section until my whole head is dry.

6. The final step is to take the large tooth comb and starting at the nape of my head, make parts (horizontally, all the way across) to start my twists. Mine are about an inch high per row. I only make parts (using the comb) going across. The rest (the vertical parts) is finger-parted. I get about 4-6 twists at the bottom rows. (I like them to be about the size of a Sharpie or an RSVP pen. They puff out a little bit over night after the first night.) I take the two pieces of hair I’m going to twist and rub 100% pure Shea Butter on them. Then, as I twist, here and there, I add a little more and when I get to the ends, I add the final dab. I do this for each twist. It takes me between 30-45 minutes to complete the twists.

Note: I leave my twists in for at least 2 days without untwisting them. After that, I untwist them and pin them with two (or more) bobby pins or if I want a pineapple hairstyle, I use a banana clip. At night, each night after I have untwisted them, I re-twist them (yes, its a bit tedious and this is why I don’t always wear my real hair lol) with just a little bit of Shea Butter and cover with a silk scarf.


At the gym, I leave my hair twisted and let it dry completely before unraveling. Occasionally, I spray a little water on my hair or wear my shower cap loosely (Again, while it’s twisted.) Also, my twists generally aren’t tight at the scalp. I prefer it this way. When they’re neat and tight they don’t look as cool to me. And when I french braid the twists in the front to flatten my edges and twist the bottoms, untwisting them is hell because they divide into 3 parts instead of two like the rest of them. It ruins the curl pattern and looks messy compared to the rest of the other twists. (not in a good way. At least to me.) So for a tighter look all around, if thats what you want, I’d suggest a braid-out. It’s the same process, but with braids and allows for a neater tighter appearance.


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