“Text Wars” + Catwalk/Streetwalk OTD!

Hands in the air


I believe in leaning myself off of long, exaggerated texts messages, emails & or social media conversations. To find out why, keep reading!

I will admit it. I love my iPhone. I’m a major text-er.Β I especially love group text amongst my friends, telling jokes and staying connected from those who are far away or too busy to actually talk on the phone. BUT! I’ve gotten into this horrible habit of texting things that really require a telephone or face to face conversation. See, the thing about writing out thoughts is that there’s an element of accountability lost. To say something to someone’s face, whether good or bad, has a different mood than saying it in writing. Things that can be beautifully transmitted in written words are poetry, educational information, blogs, books etc. However, serious content, things like how we plan to make our relationship work, the things you said to me last night really hurt, are you dating my best friend?, or, once a series of texts have been misunderstood, only a realΒ conversation should be used to communicate. Here are some of the disadvantages to serious conversations over text.

Miscommunication: There are quirks each person has that simply cannot be communicated with emoji’s, abbreviations or 140 characters. It’s so easy to be misunderstood when clear communication is key! This is almost eliminated when speaking face to face with a clear head and objective or even over the telephone.

Entitlement: People all-of-a-sudden feel they have the power to dictate whenΒ we have to reply to them. Somewhere, we forgot that a response via the cell phone/social media, is an OPTION not a requirement. The worst, is when an impatient text-er sends a question mark or an annoying “hello!” text to pressure you to respond immediately or else! But, in person, it’s much easier to gage when it’s not a good time to talk or when it is. Remember before there were cell phones and the house phone would ring and if you didn’t feel like talking, you just didn’t pick up? People could leave a voicemail! But there was hardly an annoying question mark from EVERY caller or anger that their call wasn’t received. (We maybe all had that one person, but they were the exception to the rule.)

Waste Of Time: Much of what I text is literally idle time in motion. After a while, I have to ask myself, “what is the point of this conversation?” There’s only so many LOL’s and emoji’s before I have to remind myself that this conversation isn’t really about anything. (Sometimes it is, but usually it’s not.)

No Human Interaction: This is becoming a lost art. I challenge you to just take a break from texting a little bit and replace that time with real human interaction. Quality time, where you are present and in the moment. It will revitalize you just as it has for me. I’ve been making a point to call people more often and plan to spend real time with them, and to use my texts for quick, light-hearted communication instead of a complete replacement to my interaction with people!

The less time I spend on the phone texting, the more I enjoy what’s in front of me. The more plans I can make to do cool things with those people I love. I haven’t had any “text war” arguments with long paragraph’s of personal, angry, impulsive feelings. No long messages explaining myself. No room for much miscommunication. It’s a work in progress. I still have a ways to go, but I’m enjoying the direction I’m headed in.

Thank you for reading. Do you think you text too much? Do you have any ideas about this post? Let me know!

-Deja B.

Listen to my latest #MondayLoveDrop called #Hello below:


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