Piece Of Mine + Frida Kahlo Muse & BTS of Soul Sessions Taping

Freida Kahlo Muse


Everyone wants a piece, but not unless they can’t have it. Keep reading.Β 

I’ve discovered that many want what they can’t have, specifically the part that belongs to me. When something is easily accessible, it loses value. This includes people. Everyone wants to be able to reach out and touch you. To look at your life without commitment. To see you and absorb you without admitting that you’re the source of their inspiration or entertainment. It’s a form of stalking and stealing.

There are plenty that don’t care that you exist. I’m not talking about them. This kind of person that I’m talking about wants unlimited special treatment. Favors. The hook-up. But only so they can pretend they’re close to you if ever it should be convenient for them, or if you become something to another person or group of people. It’s the phenomenon behind going from single to a relationship and all of a sudden, every single person you couldn’t find at the time you could have considered them, comes knocking at the door. Its the phenomenon behind people who know you, seeing others praise you after they didn’t, and then wanting to claim you as their own. It’s the phenomenon behind false idolization of people who have just passed away.

I think this kind of false fandom is a complete waste of time. I’ve decided to reserve my special love to those who invest and commit to me now, as I am, in a format that surpasses lip service or internet stan-ing. And it’s so cool to just remind myself that I don’t owe anyone anything beyond what I choose to give. Where are those people in a clutch anyway? Where are they when their admiration is actually needed?

After all of these thoughts I find that it’s MY energy (my disease to please,) that determines the outcome of this. When I’m in need of anything, the energy I’m putting out is that I don’t have enough. That energy is something that repels those who want to give. And it attracts those who also don’t have enough. But on the contrary, when my energy is that I have an abundance of all that I need or that whatever I want is on its way, it attracts more abundance and more of those that want to give and repels those who want to take. The way to get where I want to go is not to give everyone a piece of mine, wearing myself thin and trying to please everyone who wants something from me, but to have peace of mind by putting out great energy to keep affluence in my life and opening myself up to all the infinite love the universe has in store for me.

Thank you for reading. Do you agree? Disagree? Have a story that’s similar or an experience that’s similar? Share it!

-Deja B.

Listen to my latest #MondayLoveDrop called #Hello below:


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