No More Idols + Catwalk/Streetwalk (Michael Jackson & Balloons)

lots of laughs


Bright lights. Private jets. Louis Vuitton. Mansions. Rolls Royces. The rich and famous life has been the most alluring fantasy of my life time. The life of those I see in magazines and on television has always been the life I wanted. 

As the days go by and the multitude of moments of good & bad transparency emerge, and the social media accounts belonging to those I’ve idolized or those associated with them become cause for popular discussion, I discover just how human they are and how ridiculous it is that I’ve placed them on a pedestal. (Not to say they are beneath me but to say they are equal.)

What is often portrayed is a life without flaws, problems & inconsistencies and that these celebrities are always likable and always *insert the things no one is capable of here*. That’s not to say that certain people in the world can not be admirable, or even that pieces of people’s lives cannot be something I aspire to have. I am more-so realizing that the comparison is not always an intelligent choice considering that what I’m seeing isn’t hardly what’s real.

No matter how badly I don’t want to type this out, generally speaking, all entertainers are a packaged deal. How a company who owns something like Vaseline would market their product and sell it, this is how people are sold to the world. Which is a bit weird because although products like Vaseline can be effective, they are not human. The dynamic of human personality, error, failure etc is generally hidden from public view. The idea is to remain as super human to the world as possible so that people can buy into the idea that the people they see are actually better than them. This is a part of capitalism. It keeps those of the higher echelon in the celebrity world rich, their investors richer and us, the consumer, broke and or caught up in feeling like our lives suck and we are unworthy of the affection of these super human deities. This is a fallacy. It’s not true.

Just because someone has a super talent, does not mean they are a good (or bad) person. It doesn’t mean they are incapable of being a rapist, child molester, thief, homosexual, bigot, etc. I’m focusing on the negative purposely here because the pedestal is a distraction from our own super-power. No matter how good I sing, or write, or how pretty I may appear to people, there is no way that I can always be liked and accepted. There’s no way I can always look amazing to everyone. There is no way all my pain and problems have disappeared. There is nothing I can ever do or become, while I reside on planet earth, that will make me perfect.

I knew that. But guess what? Even when I know things, if I’m not careful, hearing or seeing something that suggests otherwise can trick me. It’s by design. It’s a lure for a reason.

No matter how beautiful something may appear, it’s got flaws, problems and ugliness. The danger of loving things and people in the ways that I love God is that they can’t and never will be able to live up to the expectation. Then I’m disappointed because I hoped there was someone to believe in. I hoped someone was sincere. I hoped someone could inspire me to be cool. And while people can be the food for my thought, only I can be my hero. Only I can be the one I believe in. Only my life should be scrutinized and forced to evolve.

I can’t become someone else. Or change myself to become flawless. I can’t ask anyone to change for me. Everyone has skeletons in the closet. Secrets. Regrets. Pain. Problems. Deficiencies. Imperfections. It’s been important for me to remember this in my moments of idolizing another. Admiration for someone’s God-given talent and personal intelligence, wisdom and hustle to make their harmless ideas and dreams manifest, that, I can respect. Everything else is just glitter. We are individually the only thing that can truly be golden. I’ve made it a point to stop day-dreaming about someone else’s life. Not only does it keep me off track, but it sends the message to my fellow humans that are titled celebrities that they are in fact superior. Then comes the high-horse attitude. The complex that everyone is underneath them. That only inspires other people to follow in those footsteps of behavior. I have to stop. We breathe the same air. Bleed the same blood. Props where due, but I’m saving my unlimited praise for God and keeping the hero title for myself and the people that I know personally.

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment below if you wish!

-Deja B.

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