GREATEST OF ALL TIMES + My Basquiat Inspired Art/Graffiti Page

Deja Bryson


There’s so many people who paved the way for us to have the ultimate confidence in ourselves! Here’s a little inspiration! 

I watched a documentary on Hulu called “Muhammad Ali: The Greatest.”I was so inspired by how fearless Ali was portrayed in this film. I don’t know if that’s who he was in real life, and won’t place him on a pedestal as if I do. But the times he was caught on tape speaking about life and politics or just his overall perspective, I could relate.

His statement was that he didn’t have to be what “America” wanted him to be. And at a time when being proud of your talent was completely shun unless it was attached to subservience, he paved a new way and taunted the world with at least what appeared to be the utmost confidence.

I don’t think I need to go around saying “I’m the greatest” to reap the benefits of his example. But this movie lit a fire in me that reminded me how important it is to believe in myself. I’m in the world with 6 billion people and dreams that no one else can see but me. When I’m trying to become who I want to be there’s always opposition. Muhammad Ali used his opposition as ammunition and although he didn’t quite bow out gracefully on top, he still goes down as one of the best athletes and boxers of all times. This is also not limited to him being Black.

He wasn’t afraid to wear his natural. Or afraid to challenge ideals that didn’t make sense to him. He thrived on the odds being against him or at least it appeared that way.

When I think of all my heroes, that’s what they were fighting for. They were fighting for their right to be unique and free. Whether Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson, Basquiat, Jimi Hendrix or Marvin Gaye, they wanted creative or social freedom to express themselves freely and be respected as a human being while doing so. I’m working hard to follow in their footsteps & use my creativity to lift myself and the world. I can’t ask anyone to change for me, but I can change myself and show people who I am and how I became this way so that if they need an example or find interest in my life, there’s more to pull from than the pile of sameness keeping up the status quo.

I think the ultimate fight is to be ourselves fearlessly and to have 100% confidence in that no matter the opposition. No matter who doesn’t feel it or believe it or understand it. The people didn’t call Ali the greatest first. He believed that about himself, he backed his words up winning 56 out of 61 fights. He set the bar for himself and people followed. It started with him though. He set off a domino effect of Black kids all around the world chanting the new mantra “I am the greatest of all times.” This may have been just the spark for the evolution to come, but it was a spark none-the-less to instill in the fearful a belief that maybe we CAN be anything we want and everything we believe.

I hope if you read this, you know you don’t have to change for anyone. You don’t have to be a specific anything if you don’t want to. You don’t have to tone it down, or turn it up. You don’t have to be someone that makes everyone else comfortable. You have your own enigma. The journey is to embrace it and spread love through that gift. It’s a prism. As long as we are accountable for our behavior, we can do as we choose. Hopefully we learn that choosing love is the smartest choice. And if we can back it up, there’s nothing wrong with respectfully stating our strengths. It gets confused with arrogance when we put others down at the same time (which there’s no reason to do when you truly believe in self,) but just to believe that we are great is a gift not a sin. We gotta keep giving the world different fabrics. Different ideas. Different perspectives. We cannot be dormant and subservient to keep up a status quo that’s doing perfectly fine without us. So show the world your colors. Spread your vibe. The one that doesn’t compare or fear. That’s the true you.

-Deja B.

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