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Back in slavery, they held us down with chains and whips. And now that we’re free, we’re still chasing chains & whips. But that’s about to change! 

I got some “extra” money, and I immediately thought, “I can finally buy myself a new car!” I been wanting a new Lexus IS 250 or 350 for a while now. It’s not the typical dream car. I’m not coveting a Ferrari or a Rose Royce. Just a Lexus. I read The Secret a while back so I know the power of visualizing myself driving the car and feeling the excitement of getting what I wanted. But, my uncle Bubba told me this past Christmas “When you ask or pray for anything, as for it to happen or manifest in the most perfect way, under grace.” He said, “You may pray for a husband, and you’ll get a husband, but he might not have any feet. You might pray for a husband with feet and you’ll get him, but he might not have any hands. You might pray for a husband with feet and hands, and he might beat you up. So, ask of all thing to happen in the most perfect way, under grace.”

I’ve been applying this, and it definitely changes things for the better.

The ironic thing is that I have a car. My seats ain’t leather. The CD player stopped working a while ago. There’s a big dent on the side from a hit-and-run. I could use a serious tune-up and detailing. But, the car is completely paid for, it’s good on gas, my insurance is inexpensive and it’s all mine.

I’ve also been eyeballing the So Kate Christian Louboutin booties in black suede. They’re $1100. And I want a diamond tennis bracelet. On the flip side, I want to own a home and I want the financial freedom to tour with my art & travel the world.

There’s not much wrong with me wanting these things, and sure enough, in time, I will have them. But, I stopped myself dead in my tracks and challenged my plan to buy a new car (That prayer is working!!). The thought process I had was: “If you’re lucky, you can get your car note to $300. Your insurance will be about $150. That’s $450 every month. That’s $5400 per year for about 4 years. What would it be like if you SAVED that money instead?”

$450 per month for 1 year is $5400. $5400 for 4 years is $21,600. And $20,000 is a down payment on a house. $20,000 can be an investment to be flipped and doubled, tripled or quadrupled. $20,000 is nice to have in the bank. I can travel with my art. I can do a few things. (I know it’s not A LOT of money, but it’s the beginning.)

I started thinking about budgeting and how to budget correctly. I used to have a set amount that I would spend on entertainment, going out to eat etc. Now, I feel like figuring out how I can make the majority of my income MINE! How can I save all the money I would spend on a new car, or a pair of designer shoes, or a piece of expensive jewelry, and still feel like I’m enjoying my hard work?

I figured it out!!!! I realized that once I save a certain amount of money, I can buy whatever I want. But until I reach that goal, nothing can get in the way. And before I buy all the glitz, I gotta invest in the things that matter; A home or property, mutual funds, stocks, investments and creating/supporting a business that brings in revenue. These are the things that matter in the end. Ever so often, I will get myself something nice or go somewhere special. But, on a monthly basis overall, my goal is to live off of 1/3 (or less if possible) of my income and to save the rest of it.

It’s gonna be dope to say “I got $50,000 in the bank.” It’s gonna be dope that when I get my car, I’ll have a nice cushion of money in the bank. It’ll be dope when that jewelry on my wrist didn’t drive me into debt or be the reason I can’t buy a house or invest in a business. It’ll be dope when every time I get a check, it belongs to me and not to credit card companies and bank loans.

I’ve worked so hard over the years to stop my desire for consumerism. Each day, I’m trying to be more responsible with how I spend and to remain cognizant that money in savings accounts adds up quickly! The less I spend, the faster the account builds, the more excited I am. The more cool I feel & the less I am worried about buying things that don’t matter.

There’s always something to spend money on. Apple is worth $700 billion. Louis Vuitton is worth $60 billion. Nike is worth $29 billion. Christian Louboutin is worth $85 million (All according to Forbes.) But I realize, I’m not worth (in dollar signs) ONE million. I’m not worth $100,000. But I can be. And I plan to be. The only way, is to stop giving Apple, Louis Vuitton, Nike & Christian Louboutin all my money. And to instead give that money to……you guessed it! MYSELF! It’s me that’s doing all the hard work anyways right? Shouldn’t I get to keep all my money or almost all of it?

There are affordable replacements for everything and at great quality. Everything doesn’t have to be Gucci or YSL or Versace. I look at Giuseppe’s all the time, I’m in love with certain “high fashion” items myself. But do NOT sleep on The Gap, Zara, H&M, Old Navy, Levi’s, Aldos, Nine West, Dolce Vita, Vince Camuto, Converse, Thrift shops/second-hand stores & luxury consignment shops. They all offer very affordable prices for things that if purchased properly, will last a life time. The key is to buy the quality things even if they cost a little more. Keep basics at excellent quality and have plenty of the basics, (blue, black & ivory denim, blue, black and ivory slacks, khakis, came pants, crisp white & crisp black button up, t-shirts, tanks, sweat pants & sweat tops in navy blue, olive green, ivory, gray, brown and black, a black leather moto jacket, a black dressy blazer, an ivory dressy blazer, a wool jacket, A dress coat, Dressy sweaters & or blouses in ivory, black & gray, black pumps or dress shoes, tan pumps or dress shoes, white sneakers, black sneakers, black boots, brown boots, a pair of comfy black flats, brown & black sandals, and a few staple timeless accessories like Ray Bans, or a nice watch etc.) and spend as little as possible on trends. They’re too noticeable to be easily reworn and they play out quickly.

The problem is not that I don’t have enough. I have too much. I don’t need more. I want more. I have the disease of consumerism and I’m draining it out of my system daily.  The pictures I’ve posted over the last few months are designed to showcase fashion on a budget. A few things are expensive, but the bulk of it is basic & minimalistic.

Cars and jewelry and shoes and clothes are all worthless in the grand scheme. They all lose value over time (jewelry can retain it’s value sometimes) They are not important until the savings account is fat. I ain’t gotta be held down by having THINGS. It’s a slave mentality and a losers mentality that I have to have excessive amounts of material items that lose value and keep me broke in the long run. I can have whatever I want. But it’s so much better to have them when the rest of my life is in order. Time for me to grow up. No more whips. Unshackle my chains. Let me stack this money. Join me.

-Deja B.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think! Listen to my latest #MondayLoveDrop below:


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