Damon Dash Breakfast Club Interview + Catwalk/Streetwalk OTD

White Steampunk


I watch just about every Power 105.1 interview. This was my favorite. Hip-Hop/Pop culture is very important to me & I found that I got excited about this interview in particular so here is the clip (skip to the end) & here are my thoughts.Β 

Damon Dash might be an arrogant jerk, but he’s a genius. His statements often get lost in translation, similar to that of Kanye West. But when the content is studied separately from the brash delivery, there are jewels.

1. “Every man should want to be a boss” I think what he meant is that everybody has been fed the idea that working for someone is better than working for yourself or working with someone. The final sentiment is that when we work for someone, there is no equity in the years of time we spend, but on the contrary, to invest in ourselves or work with someone means a legacy can be built. The idea of ownership is not propositioned to masses in the ways that it maybe should be. I think Damon is revolutionary in his constant approach to be independent and to work hard for yourself.

2. “Saving is for suckas!” I didn’t take this literally. I think he meant, gamble big to win big and be willing to take the loss. We can save & save & save but eventually we gotta have the courage to build something and go for it. If the idea is that a person shouldn’t stack money, I disagree. But I think he means, take your money, invest in yourself, hustle & flip. Then take that money, invest in yourself, hustle and flip. rinse, lather & repeat. This, I do agree with. I want to do a lot more of this.

3. “Why don’t y’all own your own radio station?” No really, why? I watch every interview on YouTube anyway. If I found out they were going independent I’d be stoked and would most definitely follow. It’s a genius idea. They have their audience.

4. On Dame calling Charlemagne “Chatty Patty,” I just thought it was perfect that Dame didn’t get too wrapped up in the gossip aspect of this interview. I felt that we witnessed a candid barbershop conversation and Dame, although his delivery was brash, (just as Charlemagne usually is,) gave away a lot of great information by not feeding into the proverbial Jay-Z story/ interrogation.

5. I love how he always gives good women their props. And I thought it was dope that he encouraged (Black) men to get a good woman.

These were the points I immediately remembered but there were many other moments in this interview that I thought were cool. Dame is not infallible. I don’t hold his word to that of God. However, I think he’s succeeded and failed enough times to have wisdom to share. The tension in the conversation was perfect. Sometimes in order to grow, we have to get our whole world shaken up and we have to become painfully aware of other perspectives to keep challenging our own intelligence and of course to grow.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. I was taught by uncle P.Β “when information is shared, do not resent the parts that hurt. Listen closely, see if you can use what’s being shared. Take what you can use and disregard the rest.”

If you haven’t seen the interview, I’ve embedded the clips below!

-Deja B.

Thank you for reading. What did/do you think about it? Listen to #iWantU below:




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