A Story of Sweet Revenge + Fruit + Catwalk/Streetwalk OTD

Hey girrrl


DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult scenarios. It’s not explicit by my standards, but it is honest so if that bothers you, don’t read. Otherwise, you’re in for a treat. Read my story about getting even with an OG-Triple-OG. 

My mom used to sell art at a night club near Oakland a few years ago. I had become friends with the family that owned it. After artists would perform, they’d come out to the lobby to sell their CD’s along with musicians in the band that had solo projects, and it was generally near my mom’s art exhibition. Occasionally, they would flirt with me and honestly, I’d use the attention to persuade them to purchase a painting from my mom. One guy in particular was always around the family. For the sake of privacy I’ll call him “Bird.” He’d always have my back with these men. They were generally much older, married or in a relationship and had no business flirting with me the way they did. Frequently, when I’d come to the club to set up my mom’s art, Bird and I would talk and we’d laugh about the rap men would give me and so on.

One show in particular was sold out. I honestly don’t remember who the main act was. But afterwards, the band members were hanging around chit-chatting and mingling. I remember passing an older guy, maybe in his mid forties, who had on a pair of nice Coach loafers and remarking “Nice shoes!” I went on about my night not thinking too much more of it. Bird comes over to me and relays a message I’ve only heard of and seen in movies. He said “Oh boy over there that’s in the band said you were jocking his shoes and bet his friends he could take you back to his hotel and have his way with you.”

My jaw dropped. Whaaaat! Guys really do things like this?? So as dangerous as this was, I decided that I would teach him a lesson! I told Bird, “I’m gonna make him pay for that! Make sure you answer your phone in a few hours when I call!” He agreed that no matter what, he would take the call. I got back to helping my mom with her art sales. I managed to tell her what happened and that I had a plan. She advised me not to go along with it, but I insisted and I was grown enough to make my own choice. Like clockwork, here comes Mr. Betting-On-Young-Deja-Bryson, with his best impersonation of smooth and debonair. He attempted to woo me by throwing compliments. Knowing his intentions made the words he spoke that much funnier, but I had to keep my laughter inside and play along. He invited me to his hotel and I accepted. (I gave my mom the hotel address and room number and took a big can of mace with me. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best idea. lol. But…)

I met him at the hotel and I instantly realized I was going to be spending the next few hours with the closest thing to Marcus Graham (from Boomerang) that I had ever seen. When I stepped into the room, he started putting his moves on me. He wanted me to take him to the nearest grocery store so he could cook me dinner. He thought this was an honor for me to receive. (I’m laughing out loud as I type.) So we go to the grocery store and as he’s grabbing the ingredients to his magical secret weapon meal, he’s throwing more compliments, “You know as soon I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the club.” I’d roll my eyes while he wasn’t looking and then politely say “Oh really? Thank you.” and he went on, “When you came up to me to say you liked my shoes, I just knew we’d be spending more time together. And I knew then that I would show you a night you wouldn’t forget. You ever had a man cook you dinner at 12 o’clock at night?” Geez, this guy sucked lol.

We get back to his hotel & he turns on smooth Jazz. (rolls eyes) His voice is low and raspy and everything he says is a bad poem. He manages to make a tasty meal for us. It wasn’t bad at all, but I kindly told him I didn’t like it. He bought the nicest bottle of wine you could find at the local grocery. I took one sip and said I didn’t like that either. Then he proceeded to what he thought would be the kill (I assume.) He offered to give me a massage. (Every woman knows what the massage trick means!! lol) I agreed only if I could keep my clothes on. As he rubbed my shoulders, he started groaning and grunting and saying he would marry a girl like me. Every time he’d get into a rhythm with his words, believing I was under his spell and on the hook, I’d start coughing & wiggling around or sweetly telling him the massage hurt or didn’t feel good. I was very nice but I was purposefully aloof & disinterested. At this point, I had him in the palm of my hands. His pride was invested and he was losing badly on his bet. He nearly begged to kiss me. I pushed him away & told him I had to go to the restroom. When I got there, I called Bird. I remember saying “listen to this” and carrying my phone secretly back to the room we were in and setting it down on a table so he could listen. I had perfect timing too. As soon as I came back, he did exactly what I planned all along. He begged. And Bird heard every word of it. “Oh baby please, come here. Come closer. You’re so beautiful. I gotta have you. I’ll do anything.” and then he started the worst dirty talk I’ve ever heard. “Girl I’m just gonna take you, and you won’t be able to imagine the things I would do to you. No other man can make you feel like I can.” The only thing this conversation was good for was a segue to leave. There was a strong energy within me telling me it was time to go while I was still in a somewhat safe zone. He grabbed his jacket and tried to wrap it around me and embrace me trying to convince me to stay. I told him I had to go NOW. I grabbed my things and I left. And yes, Bird was still on the phone!

When I made it back to my car, Bird and I shared a good laugh. I mean I just sat there on the phone with him for about 7 minutes (that’s a long time to laugh lol) and I cracked up and we picked apart some of his sad lines. I called my mom to let her know I was ok & I went home feeling like a warrior. I wouldn’t suggest under any circumstances that anyone put themselves in harms way like I did here. But, it was amazing at the time to taunt someone that disrespected me so much over a simple compliment. I felt like I was doing this for all women. To say, I’m more than a quick date in your hotel. Your sorry game doesn’t work on everyone. And you’re too old to be making bets on women. This was at a time in my life when I was starting to understand my value and also how fragile it is when you don’t know better and some predator type guy is hunting you like prey. I had just finished having my heart crushed by the guy I thought I would never lose and I was raging at the emerging truth that love hurts sometimes. No one warned me about men like this and I didn’t grow up with a father in my home. It took for guys like Bird to look out for me or other male friends I had that taught me not to fall for this. But what if I didn’t know that he was making the bet? What if I was game goofy and caught up? This story could’ve gone differently.

So, if you’re young and supple and anyone tries to sway you to their apartment or hotel or car or wherever and you don’t know them, know for certain that it’s not love. You might love the attention, but it’s the wrong kind. You might have pure intentions or you might be naive. But the kind of person that will care for you will not ask you to participate in any scenario of this kind. If you’re grown and this is what you want to do, that’s your choice. But I wanted to share my story cause nobody ever shared stories like this with me. And after I say all that, I gotta admit, this is one of the funnest most gangster things I’ve ever done. It empowered me and also helped me to stay sharp and stop telling OG’s they have nice sneaks lol!

Thank you for reading. Listen to #iWantU below:


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