The universe answers energy + Streetstyle OTD



Every time I start freaking out about my life, I forget that I’m setting off the energy I wish to receive. It’s nearly impossible to control each thought. And equally impossible to always remain in a state of doubtlessness. But one thing I know is that when I’m grateful and positive, things go well!Β 

I’m going to keep this short. Everyone is facing an inner battle every day. The fight to be a good person. The fight to fulfill their purpose. The fight to experience love and the battle to overcome fear and face pain.

Prayer works for me when I decide I’m going to do something and open my heart to the possibility that it will manifest. The thing that ruins it for me is that I lack patience. I want it all right now. There are those moments when I feel like I’m in a never-ending state of limbo. But when I stick with it, whatever “it” is, I start to see results.

So this is just a simple reminder to keep your energy positive. Stick with the things that are difficult and see them through until they are complete. Smile, thank God (or whatever you believe in) and keep working towards the goals to win the inner battle!

Have a great weekend. Peace.

-Deja B.

Listen to #SleepingInMyBedRemix below:


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