Using my own advice!

Deja Bryson Yellow


There’s so many ways to do something. So many ways to say something. Right & wrong become relative in a sense. I’ve learned something about advice recently: People should use their own! Including ME!There’s two things to this new lesson I’ve learned. One: I’ve only ever helped someone with my advice when I’ve already been successful at it myself. Otherwise, all I can offer is an educated guess, a new perspective or what I did that failed so they know what DIDN’T work for me.

Two: I never know the full details of someone’s life, circumstances, path, etc. So as I tell people what they should and shouldn’t do, I don’t know how it will affect them nor do I have to live with the decision once it’s made.

SO! The best thing I can give to anyone is simply what works for me and an overall good-vibe. Everything else, we have to figure out on our own. We get so mad when someone doesn’t “listen to us,” but we don’t always “listen” either.

Ultimately, our lives are our choices. What we do with them and how we choose to live them does come down to us. We have to make the final choice and we have to live with that choice. We are not islands though. Our choices can affect those closest to us and beyond, which makes it easy to waver on what we truly desire and wish to do. But there are times when on one end, we have to stop taking in everything that everyone is saying and do what we believe in. And there are times when we have to let others ignore us, however sound of advice we may think we are offering, and let them do what THEY believe in!

Often, we teach what we need to learn, so maybe in those instances when we feel we have so much to offer to someone in the form of wisdom, we could actually apply those thoughts to our own lives and to improving ourselves.

Thank you for reading!

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