A Woman’s Gift to Life

Pineapple Vibes


We all should have that person in our lives that represents the purity of living. It’s so easy to get sucked into the evils, and the lows, that everyone needs a true North. Women can bring this to the world through all their innate gifts.Β 

Sometimes, it’s easy to be hardened by life, to feel weighed down by the negativity and the evils. It becomes so difficult to see the beauty of living. I’m starting to truly believe that it’s through women that we all can be reminded of goodness. We can make life sweet. We can help keep kindness flowing. We can be that person that lights up someone’s day through our innate desire to love and our keen ability to be in tune with emotions and feelings. This isn’t to say men can’t offer the same, but I do believe that as the world goes farther and farther away from praising what’s good, women can play an even more effective role in reinforcing it. At the base of many good things there is a woman with strength, class, beauty, intelligence, resilience, forgiveness, self-control, refinement, the ability to nurture, nourish and celebrate goodnessΒ but above all, at the core, she is love. I hope that we don’t forget this or lose faith in it. I’ve witnessed the powers of this first hand.

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