October Love

October Love


October is here! I was on my instagram the other day and came across a video of Kendrick Lamar saying we’re all just here to love. It got me to thinking about all the reasons that keep us from doing that, and I thought, October kicks off the holiday season for winter/fall. This is a great month to make a commitment to loving MORE! It’s rude to talk to people about their religion. The reason why is because beliefs are essential to make it through life no matter what those beliefs are. And when a conversation is happening between people who believe in different things, emotions run high and the war begins. We’ve all had those uncomfortable talks with people that challenge our own spiritual and or religious viewpoints. It gets under our skin because it reminds us essentially that the answer to life is in fact a mystery. It reminds us that all we have is our faith, in whatever we have chosen to believe in, even if we all we believe is that there is no greater being at all.

Yet, I know one thing that unifies us all. One thing no spiritual teaching or religious view has objected to, and that is the power of love. Love for this earth and all inhabitants is encouraged in every form of good will I’ve ever studied.

So I wanted to write a quick reminder to say, we are all united by love. We can all be more loving of one another and more patient, kind and understanding. This is the season for family, romance and the spirit of all things loving. I’m wishing you a wonderful October full of LOVE.

-Deja B.


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